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Packing is the procedure after extruding, aging and other related surface treatment´╝îIt is the last but not the least important. It plays a very important role in transportation,especially for oversea logistic.Good packing will mainly protect the aluminium profile, provide convenience for transportation, loading and unloading, avoid outer to damage or other factor like bad weather or rough handling. Bellow are our main ways of packing for our aluminium profile


Brown paper or shrinking film packing:

After production process, Aluminium profile will come into the aluminum packing process. Our Packing staff will study different design and figure out the quantity and the way to be packed in one bundle, thus the proper way will be chose to avoid over heavy weight and to protect the aluminium profile. Generally, two ways of packing are available: one is in brown paper and another is in shrinking film. Firstly, the pearl film will be wrapped on the surface and angle of aluminum profile to avoid any scratch between with, then bonded by a small film strip will be placed between the but and end of the aluminum profile. Lately brown paper or shrinking film will be chose

at your option to cover the aluminum profile. A small tag standards for certificate of birth which it will states code number, length, surface treatment, production date. ect. Brown paper is a workable means to mostly protect the aluminum profile with lower cost comparatively. Our brown paper is in three layers, thick enough to resist rough handling. It is extremely suitable for long distance transportation. The Shrinking film is light in weight, the thickness counts from 8cto 12c which is at your option. They are usually used for short distant transportation, more ever, it has the overwhelming advantage of convenience for sales in the super market, vision to catch.




 Pallet packing:

As the developing of packing technology and the anticipation to reduce cost like handling charge and enhance the working efficiency, Under the great effort by our packing department staff and the support from customers, we have successfully deign a new  convenient packing way. That is using a pallet  in iron with wheels  to hold up the aluminum material in cartons. That is, the bundles of aluminum profiles will be packed in a carton, then put on to the iron pallet.When the goods are arriving, handling staff only need to pull the pallet with forked truck,Then the full containers will be unloaded which is the different way from one worker one bundle one time.  It will take about 20mintues comparing to 12hours.  In addition, the Iron can be recycled after times and time. Bellowing is a full picture for your reference. Wish you will like it.



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