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Profile Application

Alloy option

Grand Shine is professional in soft alloy aluminium profile in majority production supported by our 27 extruding facilities in two extrusion department to meet customer’s requirement.. The list below is the common alloy we are extruding now:6063,6061,6005,6463,etc


 Alloy 6063 and 6061 are the mostly common aluminium profile used in construction and engineering industry. It is a medium strength used in both indoor and outdoor profile. For its excellent properties and performance, they are used as aluminium profiles for windows and doors, curtain wall , railing, fencing,furniture and other application basis. The main element in Alloy 6063 is Silicon and magnesium which mainly decide its mechanical properties and surface lightness. It is easily in shaping and coloring, provide excellent condition for anodizing, powder coating, polishing, electrophoresis and brushing .Color can be at your option like bronze, champagne, silver ,golden,etc. The afterward process will be tempering which are something we call T5 and T6. The number refer to different ways of quenching and aging applied to the extruding aluminium profile. T5 means cooled by air and the later is by water. Aging is an important step to imcrease the strength and hardness of the aluminium profile after quench,which take place in a big oven with temperature of about 200℃.


Alloy 6061 is another alloy used a lot for aluminium industrial profile or some locations where higher strength and hardness is expected,like the railing in high rise building.It require a faster cooling process after the aluminium profile emerge from the press by water, and aging that make the aluminium profile totally appeared as hard as it is.


Construction Profile

One of the most extensive field for aluminium profile application is construction.Almost where ever you go,it will present itself to you in different forms such as window and door,railing and fencing,cladding and curtain wall,framing,supporter,cabinet,wordrobe and many 9.700142.jpgdecorative material used in the building.With the improving finish technology,architects could have plenty options in design and construction,because aluminium profile maintain the merits such as light,good strength to weight ratio,corrosion resistant,etc,while offer abundant surface color choice,even the most elegant wooden texture is no longer a problem.


One of the most concern question for construction aluminium profile is the color consistence,especially for anodizing finish.So strict control process is very crucial during production.Besides,the wall thickness and regional design for the window and door systems could be quite different,as an experienced extruder,we are able to provide you standard aluminium profile as well as customized profiles with specific drawings or samples.

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Industrial Profile

For aluminium profile is light in weight and strong in strength comparing to steel,together with many other performance in good conductibility and consistency,aluminium profiles are widely used in different field expect for construction.Engineering or transportation department are the other two big consumers of this material,which usually required more precision in guage.

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