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The 668 series is an important product system of aluminium casement window. Standing for the main system of aluminium casement window, the 668 series inherits the characteristics of the elegant appearance, outstanding air tightness, excellent water tightness and brilliant wind resistance.  


Elegant curve surface design


The aluminium casement window 668 design includes the traditional curve surface design of our product system, which is the general feature for the appearance design. Symbol of luck and fortune, the curve surface design cannot only enhance the strength of the aluminum profile, it but also allows the users to enjoy the unique and appealing feeling.



Outstanding air tightness and firm connection property


Different parts of the aluminum casement window 668 series, including the external frame, the external frame conversion, are with the positioning angle bracket slot, which is used to act in concert with the firm connection.

 Locks for the 668 series are also contributing to the air tightness. The dual point and multi-point lock combining with the rubber strip gives a perfect performance of air tightness.  


Excellent water tightness and wind resistance


The 668 series casement window water tightness is in line with the air tightness. As for the casement window, the window structure is the perfect design for the air tightness, water tightness and the wind resistance.  


1.The 668series aluminium casement window is designed for the costal area, which has perfect characteristic for wind resistance and water tightness.

2.The thickness for the 668 series sliding window is 1.0mm. 1.4mm, 2.0mm

3.The 668 series aluminium casement window water tightness is 500≤△P<700

4.The 668 series aluminium casement window air tightness is q1≤0.5, q2≤1

5.The 668 series aluminium casement window wind pressure resistance is P3≥5.0


668 aluminium window casement series fabrication drawing

Please refer to the following fabrication drawings for detail information


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