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The 778 sliding window is made by the same set of aluminum profiles. As far as the 778 sliding is concerned, it’s the most conventional design which unifies all the advantages of the sliding windows and doors in the past. 


Unique design for better performance

The 778 series catches every single detail to generate the best performance of the sliding series. For example, the theft proof design is able to prevent the sashes from being taken out from the outside.

 The curve and hollow design cannot only enhance the anti-slip property, it but also strengthen the profile so as to increase the wind resistance. The reinforce design on the connection will improve the stability and meanwhile save the connection shim. All of these little designs help to develop a better sliding function.



Excellent water and air tightness

Lots of elements of the 778 sling series are planned for the purpose of water and air tightness. The slot for the rubber bar on the external frame is of 135 degrees, which is suitable for different type of rubber bar to fit in.

The round corner design promotes the interface of the aluminum profile and the glass so as to let more sealant to deal the gap, which greatly enhances the stability and the water and air tightness. 

Versatile combination of windows and doors

The 778 series could be made into different function by different combination. The most conventional combination is the two-sash one. It’s suitable to the ordinary apartments. The fixed top or the fixed bottom window could be added into the conventional design to perform additional function. When it comes to the corner design, the 778 series offers corner profile, including 135 degrees and 90 degrees to adapt itself to different environment.

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