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Aluminum Sliding Window

Its slim-yet-elegant design, with excellent air-tight sealing and superior moon-lock, make it a natural choice for a holizontal sliding aluminum window.
This aluminium window of multiple track are combined with different designs,like security screen, and it is also a soundproof one.
It is well-tested by many customers and of different style for choice to meet project need. It's One-track design allow multi-sashes.
GrandShine Sliding Windows are available in 55mm, 75mm, 82mm, 90mm and 107mm frame widths subject to the architecture performance, application and budget. The special design of hollow profile sections and gasket added strength and security, performing in excellent wind resistance, air pervasion and water penetration.

 Rounded double hollow stile 

Conventional sliding window has the disadvantage of simple design with moderate wind resistance and low airproofing. Our patented stile design, however, adds strength and security incredibly to stand wind load up to 5000(pa). 

Conventional sliding window is not good at airtight property and noise insulation due to the impact between the metal or inferior strips easily get twisted, distortion or peeling. Our sliding window, however, apply high quality weather-strip and rubber gasket wherever air leakage or metal collision may occur. The sash and the jamb are untouched and form the seal perfectly, minimizing the air transition for long lasting operation. 

Self-draining sill with removable sash 

Conventional sliding window is usually designed with the seal of ladder shape in order to achieve a good water penetration property, the sash could only be removable from outside that could be dangerous for the future maintenance and cleaning. Our sliding window, however, successfully combines the concept of ladder design in hollow section for free drainage and the requirement for safe maintenance. It could achieve a minimum water penetration resistance pressure of 250pa, varying the sill and frame will achieve ratings up to 600pa. At the same time, it enables the sashes installed from inside offering greater security.

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