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Training series to promote the sales skill of the salesmen

From 1st to 17th September. In order to promote the sales skill of the salesmen and improve the efficiency of communication with the customers, Grand Shine arranged a series of training to the salesman in the past few days.
     Grand Shine paid special attention to this training series and achieved good results. This training series included the several contents. We analyzed the quality of being a good salesman. These qualities include self-motivating, access to the potential customer, negotiation skill, etc. Still, we focus on promoting each of the quality needed to be a good salesman.
   We use several ways to make our training effective which are video aided instruction, group discussion, negotiation simulation. 
The employees thought they learned a lot through these training series. They came to realize why they failed in the past negotiations with the customers. Also they learned what skills they can use when confronted with the same situation. 
         As an enterprise which has a strong sense of social responsibility, Grand Shine always dictates to promoting the well-being of our employees. This training series will surly strengthens the employees' ability to seal with their work and make them get more meaning from their work.

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